Private Training Overview

Player receive individual attention to details in a private or semi-private small group setting (4 player max). Workouts are designed to engage each individual player on their specific wants and needs. Semi-private groups allow players to simulate “game-like” situations, teach players how to create or take away space by using angles, body contact and change of speed/direction. We focus on improving players defense/offensive skill sets, athletic ability, footwork, strength/conditioning and overall basketball IQ.

# of Players

1 Player
2 Players
3 Players
4 Players

1 Session

$60 each
$40 each
$30 each

4 Sessions

$200 each
$134 each
$100 each

Rise Up Basketball is not responsible for organizing players that are participating in the private group sessions. It is solely the parent/guardians responsibility to organize and coordinate player within the private session. If a player that was within your private session does not show up, parents are responsible to pay the remaining balance if training on a per session basis.