Individual Training

Player receive individual attention to details in a private or semi-private small group setting (4 player max). Workouts are designed to engage each individual player on their specific wants and needs. Semi-private groups allow players to simulate “game-like” situations, teach players how to create or take away space by using angles, body contact and change of speed/direction. Focuses on improving players defense/offensive skill sets, athletic ability, footwork, strength/conditioning, and overall basketball IQ. See More >


Group Training

Players work with a group where each individual will learn and compete with others throughout the training session. Group training will provide some of the same skills and knowledge as individual training but without complete 1 on 1 instruction. Group workouts are a great way for players to use the concepts they will learn in our drills and apply it to “game-like” situations.


Team Training

Players are pushed to develop skills while competing with teammates to make overall improvements. Team building exercises force individuals to trust eachother and form the bonds needed to be successful in a team sport. Before any team training, our trainers will touch base with any coaches or volunteers to find out any specific additional information needed about players, location, times, coaching philosophies etc… Our training staff will never implement specific offensive/defensive plays (unless asked to), but instead, we focus on skills, basketball IQ and concepts that will prepare players to excell in whatever system and/or coach they are playing for.


# of Players

1 Player
2 Players
3 Players
4 Players

1 Session

$60 each
$40 each
$30 each

4 Sessions

$200 each
$134 each
$100 each